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Artist Bio:  Robin Perreault was born in Nashua New Hampshire in 1983.  He was quickly introduced to Vermont and grew to love traditional woodwork under the tutelage of Bruce Simpson of Simpson Cabinetry.  A ten year apprenticeship refined his skill and appreciation in preserving the natural beauty of wood and taught him the value of his own hands.  After the passing of his mentor and friend a commitment to finding his own identity in the world began.  Vermont Bentwood Handcraft was a company founded in that pursuit, utilizing difficult and obscure techniques to strengthen small wooden profiles allowed durable wooden jewelry to become the focus of his life. A lamination process that produced curved forms while combining multiple species within each piece became common themes throughout his work.  Central to his philosophy is a commitment to showcasing surface grain patterns, enhance core fibers for increased durability, and showcase precise hand worked detail.  Pride in who he has become in thanks to his former teacher sets his feet upon a path of passion allowing his art to act as a compass to guide him towards happiness. 

“I want to be a great artist that created a wonderful line of modern wooden jewelry and helped make the world a beautiful place.” – Robin Perreault Owner & Artist of Vermont Bentwood Handcraft

66 Spauldings Bay CT,
Colchester, VT 05446
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