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Modern Wooden Jewelry Designs

Materials:  We work with four primary companies based in Maryland, Michigan, Colorado, and New York to supply our collection with Triple AAA graded woods from around the world.  These woods are all surface grain cuts to represent the wonderful and unique patterns to perfection and eliminate all end grain exposure.

Lamination:  Ten individual pieces come together for each earring and provides dimensional stability for wood optimizing strength and allowing our curved designs to last the test of time.

Curved Designs: Steam bending techniques give each item depth with a slight bend and adds to the overall aesthetic value.

Multiple Species: Each piece is designed to bring together multiple woods with the fronts and backs of each earring having there own unique combinations.

Coloring: Pressurized dyes using a vacuum pressure vessel insure the most uniform coloring without transferring from one side or changing the crystal clear finish.

Finish: A process for finishing a tabletop or bar top is applied to each piece of wearable art.  This includes a vinyl sealer with conversion varnish topcoats and six total layers of finish for maximum durability.  We also use two compatible water white base finished avoiding any unwanted ambering over time.


General Design Philosophy:

Our products maintain a few common themes.  They are developed using a process I call intact fiber infused lamination that provides a new level of integrity, durability, and strength for small wooden profiles. There are no exposed end grains, surface grain is on display for every item which maintains and presents the natural detail and beauty of each species.  Steam worked and pressure bending techniques provide a curvature that maintains its form throughout the products lifetime, and enhances the aesthetic appeal by providing depth. The final rule of design for us is to bring together and combine multiple species of wood in vibrant colors and contrasts.

New Styles Coming Soon...

Wooden Inlay


Stone & Metallic Inlay Earrings

Stone & Metallic Inlay Pendants

Stone & Metallic

Inlay Rings

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